Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means universal life force energy in Japanese where it was first rediscovered. A holistic, light touch, energy based session could provide many benefits including relaxation, peace, and stress relief. Reiki may help reduce side effects of medicine and medical procedures and could speed recovery. It energizes the entire system safely and quickly could be helpful for headaches, insomnia, depression..

Intuitive Distance Reiki

Regardless of physical proximity reiki is and can be sent at a distance. During this 60 minute distance session on Zoom, reiki will be shared as well as a check in of each chakra. All intuitive impressions will also be shared throughout the session. Like the In person reiki session the client will be laying down or in a comfortable spot. The lights will be dimmed and soft music will play in the background. We will be able to communicate and share throughout. In past sessions clients have felt the energy moving as well have sensed colours, spirit guides, peace, release, feeling lighter, happier and less stress and tension.

In Person Intuitive Reiki

An intuitive reiki session is a light touch and done by a reiki practitioner & psychic knower. During the session universal life force energy is used to allow the movement of energy that creates balance and release in the body. Clients have felt calm and more at peace, pain relief, emotional release and clarity. Amanda, shares intuitive messages from the body, soul, spirit guides the chakra system and sometimes passed loved ones will pop in.

Reiki Sessions

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In Person Intuitive Reiki


60-75 Minutes

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In Person Intuitive Reiki 


100-120 Minutes

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60 Minutes

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