Medical Intuition

"Healing of the physical without the change in the mental and spiritual aspects brings little real help to the individual in the end."

Edgar Cayce

In addition to modern medicine, medical intuition may provide another lens into the body. 

What you could expect: Amanda's protocol for intuitive medical readings/scans is about connecting with your energy. Often times during scans and distance readings that connection may mean connecting with the cells, tissues, organs and organ systems as well as the energetic bodies of the emotional, mental, chakra, and chakra system.

Medical Intuitive readings and scans are not a substitute for medical of physical, mental or emotional diagnosis. At no time will Amanda prescribe, perform any medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical provider. (Please see disclaimer for more information.)  


 Remote Medical Intuitive Reading 

Via Email

The primary focus of this remote tune in is to connect with the chakra system, aura, and the various energetic bodies.

Amanda will connect with your energy as well as connecting to the source of the information. Sometimes that may be spirit guides, the body, higher soul self or spirit. All intuitive impressions are recorded via an audio recorder and will be emailed to you once the reading is completed.

If you have a specific question prior to the reading please contact us, however this is not necessary.

 Medical Intuitive 

Reading Via Zoom

 One of the focuses during this session will be on the various energetic bodies. Amanda, will connect with the source/speaker of the information. This source could be from the body itself, the soul, guides, angels, etc. 

The chakra system will also be connected with and used as a point of reference. Each chakra is aligned with various meridians, energetic bodies, organs systems, organs that could hold various messages.

You are more than welcome to share a particular area of focus or allow Amanda to open up and see what comes forward.

Once your zoom reading is booked you will be emailed a link with password to the private online reading room.

Medical Intuitive Scan

In Person  

In some ways this scan resembles a reiki session. You will be on a reiki table and I will use a light touch on each of the chakra points.

The primary focus of the scan is connection to the energy field of the subtle bodies. In some scans, Reiki maybe used with your permission, to help create balance or release. 

As we work through the scan I will communicate what I see, feel, hear, know, pertaining to each chakra, the aura, and the various energetic bodies. Often times a physical manifestation may relate back to trauma of the mental and emotional bodies.

Most often, the scan is connection with Amanda, the client and the source/speaker of the information. Sometimes the speaker of the information may be the body itself, soul, guides, angels and in some cases passed loved ones and ancestors have come forward to assist.

Medical Intuition

Medical Intuitive 

Email Reading

30 Minutes 



In Person 90 Minute Scan 



Zoom Medical Intuitive Psychic Readings

60 Minutes



Medical intuition is not 

a gift.

It’s a skill.

—Caroline Myss