Energy Updates, & Predictions.

08.09.20 Lion's Gate Portal Energy Cont. 


The energy of a greater ease is coming in today. Thank goodness. There is an abundance of gratitude filtering in as well. Now might be the best time to start a gratitude journal. 

It feels like the next coming weeks will be bringing in the energy of less panic, more awareness and clarity to what is actually happening on our earth, and the survival and thriving of the people by working as a community and an all hands on deck experience. 

  • Ask Questions. Also a lot of questions will be asked on the global level and in our governments. 
  • The feeling of not denying what is the truth and what is a manipulation. The more clarity the better chance of responding in alignment of the soul.
  • There is no consolation in knowing if it doesn't help in some way. Action follows when the truth is exposed. 

This is very energizing energy and we need its to help transform and change. 


08.08.20 Lion's Gate Portal


I am feeling the energy of the portal today. (Actually it has me feeling kind of nauseous.)

A big energy day in astrology that transmutes the collective energy too.

This is the day when alignment with the sun, the cosmos and star clusters shine pure sun energy into the earth and of course the humans... 

  • You may feel physical symptoms of this energy like I have with the nausea or headaches. So ground your energy and call back all of your soul pieces that have been taken or that you have inadvertently given away.

  • A greater connection to the various star clusters including sirians, pleiadians, orion, the sun, the universe and ancient civilizations. 

  • Use this energy to balance and expand the heart, 3rd Eye and solar plexus and the chakras 8-12.

This is very energizing energy and we need its to help transform and change. 


12/21 + 2020 Energy Reading

December 20, 2019.

Happy Winter Solstice!

As the seasons change so is the energy.

  • 2020 is bringing in the need to pay attention to the details. Specifically it feels like contracts, goals, relationships, lifestyle and finances. (Pretty much most areas of life.)

  • The flow of this energy lead to the topic of health on our planet. A message of "us" taking responsibility for our own health and wellness. The reminder to take care of appointments being made, follow ups, nourishing choices for the body, soul, our home, as well as 2nd opinions if your gut and heart are telling you something else. 

  • Action, is the supporting energy here. Making plans, following through, completion and keeping the promises you have made to yourself.  

  • Planning was the last message that came in during this reading. This planning pertains to survival. It felt like both primal survival as well as everyday surviving life. Managing stress, have extra water and a generator, being more privy to basic needs as a back up. 

Winter Solstice is the true essence of surrender and let go.



November 18, 2019.

 As the seasons are shifting so to is the energy. Although  the energy of rest, reflection, re-evaluation is filtering in the energy of action, tying up loose and is very  much present. 


The vibe of "Why put it off until tomorrow when you can do it today is very much present. And, some of the decisions, changes, will be the universe's way to "push" you along to what is waiting for you in the unknown. Also, there is will power, and a time for procrastination to end.


 The message of process your emotions, feelings and unresolved energies or they will process you. Yes, Scorpio season 2019 has helped facilitate this. 

 Word of note: It has to be organic and authentic. Don't think you can rush the universe. Or, take things into your own hands of control. All things are arriving in the exact timing they were meant to be.

 Key Themes:

 Rest is important right now.

 Honour your feelings and emotions.

 Surrender that is out of your control.

 Resist, and feel the resistance. 


Enjoy the energy! 

New Moon + Scorpio Vibes

October 27th, 2019.

 The New Moon in Scorpio is holding the energy for us to work through emotions, feelings, past situations, trauma, triggers, grief... for these things to come up to the surface to be alchemized and transformed and healed. When you release energy back to the universe, send it with thanks and gratitude for the lesson, and the clarity. (Even though it is new moon energy the things that you aren't ready to let go of will stick around until the cycle is complete.)

 For now, set new intentions and allow new energy to fill the spaces where you have released and let go. Yes, it can be intense. Subtle perhaps. However, in the underlying thread of the collective psyche change is brewing, thank you New Moon + Scorpio vibes.

(Use this affirmation on the soul level to allow release and surrender to work for you. Then step into your power as you receive the energy back.)