A little bit about me and the abilities I use to help bring others hope, peace, healing and closure.

Hi & Welcome!

My story as a psychic and medium started as a kid. I always wondered why I knew things about people or places. After understanding what was going on as a child and where this intuitive sensitivity came from (Thank You Dad) I began to recognize the signs & symbols from spirit. 

Years later I was drawn to reiki and I reconnected with my roots in psychic mediumship and felt the pull of what my soul wanted and needed to do. 

I have had the opportunity to train with Lisa Williams, which truly pushed me outside of my comfort zone and more into the center lane of my life purpose. 

Registered Reiki Master Practitioner (2014) 

Canadian Reiki Assocaition

Reiki Teacher. (2016) 

Canadian Reiki Association

Certified Spiritual Advisor Psychic Mediumship (2019) LWISSD Lisa William's spiritual advisor certification was a lengthy and intensive process where Amanda submitted to test readings and an ethics exam.

"Finding & Working With Spirit Has Completely Changed The Way I Look At Life & Death."

Amanda Drago