About Amanda,

Amanda's intuitive abilities began as psychic knowing when she was 6 years old. Amanda specializes in evidential mediumship, remote viewing, psychic connection and forensic mediumship including helping with missing people and animals. Amanda offers readings, reiki and mentoring via Zoom video and hopefully again soon in her office located in Southern Ontario, Canada. 

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Kind Words From Clients

Have you ever had a psychic reading or enlisted the services of a psychic medium to connect with a loved one on the other side? I can tell you FIRST hand, Amanda Drago is a gifted certified psychic medium. She is simply the best.


Readings Are About Connection.


Amanda will connect with you, your energy, and what is at play. 


This reading is for connection with spirit & passed loved ones and friends. 

Blended Reading

A blend of both psychic energy and mediumship.

Giving Back Forensic Mediumship

Please contact for more information.

Kind Words From Clients

Thank you again so much for your time today Amanda! I will definitely be in touch for another future session. I feel a massive weight is off my shoulders now!! 

Amy Mc.

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Expand you Intuition with 1:1 Mentoring with Amanda Drago

If you are being nudged by a gut feeling to strengthen your intuition or explore connection with spirit and the other side mentoring may be the next step. Intuitive development mentoring is now open and registering students. 

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